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File 132696316932.jpg - (231.82KB , 1120x1400 , 000a.jpg )
375 No. 375
[Shota][Anthology] Shounen Shikou 03-06-09
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>> No. 377
>> No. 410
ya know, I love yaoi, but can't seem to find much cute stuff. So far, I only like 'Papa to Kiss After Dark" because the teenage boy in it is cute, and there 'are not' tons of rippling muscles. I like men thin, slender, or fit; but not hugely built. Do any of you have a suggestion for any such yaoi art/manga/(preferably) anime out there?
>> No. 411
File 132911809110.jpg - (33.73KB , 500x375 , YAOIpc1321_1326462416_petichan.jpg )
Any yaoi films along these lines??
>> No. 412
File 132911949869.jpg - (23.61KB , 300x378 , papatokissafterdark16.jpg )
oops, I mean this one! "Papa to Kiss in the Dark", sorry :p
>> No. 689
You must know you cant share through fileshare anymore. Or maybe you are that stupid
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